Prices are listed by identification number and are priced per each unit in U.S. Dollars.

Minimum order is $250.00 (orders less than $250.00 will be processed only if prepaid with a minimum of six units). All items must be ordered in multiples of the pack quantity listed. Be sure to specify quantity, item number, and price to insure prompt and accurate shipment.

All items are manufactured to order after payment terms have been approved. Established Domestic Accounts - Net 30 day terms are subject to prior payment history with our company. New Domestic Accounts - Net 30 day terms are available subject to approval of credit application containing three trade references, bank name, and legal documentation for verification of business. International Accounts - Initial order requires full payment in advance before being scheduled for production. Our Credit Team will determine payment terms for subsequent orders. Credit Cards - Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Freight FO.B. Albertville, AL U.S.A. In absence of routing instructions, our best judgement will be used in determining which carrier to use. FedEx Ground, UPS, or common carrier will be used. Residential delivery or other charges for special carrier services may be additional. Please note on the order if your shipment is to be delivered to a residence.

Our responsibility is to provide a quality product well packaged for transit to the freight carrier. The carrier has the responsibility to deliver the product to you in good condition. Please inspect shipment for damages and note on freight bill. All claims are to be made immediately. Please contact our Customer Service Team regarding any questions concerning your shipment.

All claims should be made within 7-10 business days after receipt of goods. Should you receive a defective product, please contact our Customer Service Team for instructions. Prior approval must be received from our Customer Service Team before any returned merchandise will be accepted.

Our designers tastefully coordinate each print with proper mat color and frame style. All mats are cut to show beveled edges. Pictures are ready for hanging with all hardware attached. In the event an item component is out of stock, the closest possible substitute will be made.

Dimensions listed in catalog are overall size rounded to the nearest inch including frame. Horizontal size x Vertical size.

All items in the Propac product line comply with the Universal Product Code (UPC) numbering standards. The 12 digit UPC number for each item number is shown in the price list. In items sold as packs, each individual unit will have the same UPC number. The UPC Barcode is included on the product label on the back of each unit.

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